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Soalan rujukan utk exam PE (COE)

Assalam dan selamat malam,

Saya menerima banyak email dari sahabat yang memerlukan contoh jawapan untuk exam bertulis bagi menduduki PE exam. Disini saya lampirkan file yang boleh didownload terus. Saya tak dapat membalas email tuan/puan yang meminta contoh jawapan tersebut kerana banyak kerja pada waktu sekarang ini.

Lagi satu contoh untuk yang mintak standard format bagi experience summary, ingin saya nyatakan disini saya tak dapat nak bagi kerana format tersebut telah hilang semasa saya menggunakan laptop lama saya dulu. Contoh summary project boleh diminta dari mentor anda atau hubungi pihak IEM sendiri. Contoh jawapan standard yang saya attach kan disini adalah semasa saya amik exam pd tahun 2009 dulu. saya tak tahu sama ada ia berubah tau tidak. sekurang2 saya dpt membantu apa yang mampu sahaja. Good luck saya ucapkan, semoga berjaya...jangan lupa hanya doa sahaja yg dipinta agar saya sihat sentiasa dan murah rezeki...hehee, itu sahaja balasan yang diminta.. selamat berjaya

Sorry..tak boleh nak attach kan file sbb blogspot ni tak support file words :):), saya copy paste jer soalan dan jawapan tersebut, harap tuan/puan boleh print out jer pages blogspot ni heheeeee...

IEM PI CoE Q&A (Some answer points)

Q 1 Dilemma between capital expenditure and optimum design.
Ans:    Is it really a dilemma
            Technology comes with cost
Reduction of scope of work
Simple design
Offer what the client wants and can afford.
            Stick to the best quality materials at the best rates.
            Clarify all impact and implications to clients
            Be reminded of safety; low maintenance and optimum life-cycle cost.

Q 2 Benefits of privatization.
Ans:    Examples of privatized public utility companies in Malaysia.
            Case studies of Power and Water companies.
Be clear about the differences between BOT, concession and other forms of business by the government to the public.
Stability of supply / lower down-time / better quality services
Faster decision-making process – faster response
Focus on possible benefits on Training, bigger financial base, introduction of up-to-date technology, transfer of technology, international exposure and scope.
Consider counter-benefits of higher fees

Q 3 Safety practices in selected industries.
Ans:    Pick one industry of your choice.
Be careful in assessing the adequacy of the safety practices. It should be adequate but certain aspects still need to be addressed.
Safety policy
Personal Protective Equipment
Include safety costs in quotes
Look at issues on awareness, implementation and enforcement.
Look at Hazop and Hazan; Safety audits; job safety analysis, contractors scope,
Fixed installations – passive protection
PPE; hardware and software of safety and fire-fighting.

Q 4 IEM and promotion of professionalism.
Ans:    Know well the current organization, roles, functions, activities and influence of IEM and suggest areas of improvement towards promoting professionalism of engineers.
            Areas may include:
                        Consultants to government / single voice on national issues
                        Public awareness of the profession / what we do, what we can provide
                        Interaction and cooperation between professions
                        Regulatory body on ethics and professional conduct
                        Reference for technical matters


Q 5 Positive impacts on contributions of engineers.
Ans:    Focus on big impacts and not the ordinary.
            Pick up maybe one extraordinary example from each common discipline of engineering and elaborate how each has contributed immensely to the well-being of mankind.
            Protection of the environment; combating poverty and disease; design of super-efficient systems, educational facilities, IT infrastructure etc.

Q 6 Self-promotion of engineers without using commission and anything similar to get jobs.
Ans:    Examine issues on advertising for services.
            Progress step-by-step:
                        Good self-projection              
Participate in lectures
                        Do R&D and publish
                        Promote through exhibitions
                        Lead and perform by showing good examples
                        Establish through design competition and the like

Q 7 Steps to prevent corruption and unethical practices.
Ans:    Practise good set of procedures
Abide to laws, rules and regulations
Be transparent, use open tender, subject work to audit, use of standard specs, competitive bidding for supplies, fair evaluation, no deviations of specs or alternative offer, QA/QC, pay employees well.

Q 8 Ethical considerations of a rushed land clearing job.
Ans:    Job behind time with conflict between environmental requirements and pressure to finish the job in time; temptation to:
Sub-standard work, by-passing procedures, inducement to inspectors, over-time and unsafe and night work. Consider to reschedule in order to put in place preventive measures.

Q 9 Better quality construction without conflict to profits.
Ans:    Redefine scope
Prepare better set of specs
Choose better materials, manpower, techniques, machinery, etc at better rates.
Maintain good QC/QA
            Good relationships between all stakeholders.

Q 10 Solving conflict of professional interest.
Ans:    Conflicts could be economic, environmental, management touching on issues related to:
Cost recovery after a ‘dive’ in quotation
Effluents and emissions
Marginal quality
Unsafe practices

Issues on undercutting, backdoor methods, taking more risks as a result.
Be clear on objectives: on specs and on time with required quality. Listen to all parties, good team-work, shared responsibility, third party involvement on fees management, merging of consultants.

Q 11 Consequences of observing laws and regulations on all kinds of pollution.
Ans:    Pick up an industry: discuss needs of regulations; examine consequences positive as well as negative; good to the environment, higher investment and higher cost of operation.

Q 12 Cost effectiveness and HSE requirements.
Ans:    Involve design; cost reduction to achieve higher productivity; better health, safety and environmental considerations in the long run will be cost-effective.

Q 13 How engineers can keep abreast with development of technology.
Ans:    Discuss benefits of bearing in mind HSE issues in an engineer’s work. Discuss aspects of CPD to update the knowledge and competency of engineers.

Q 14 Request of irregular proposals from a turn-key contractor.
Ans:    Examine the pros and cons of a turnkey contract vis-a-vis the position of the engineer. Give examples of possible requests in question and what could be done by referring to codes and standards.

Q 15 Issues on virtual labs.

Ans:    Discuss the real benefits of having real labs for various engineering disciplines. See if the objectives can be achieved by alternative means including virtual labs. Examine the cost, convenience and effectiveness impacts. Elaborate areas where the virtual labs are better.


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